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Community Psychiatry. 805-250-2996




Dr. Julie Daggett. Clinical Psychologist. Central Coast Learning Center. 805-801-9972. Specializing in Autism Spectrum counseling services, child/adolescent psychological evaluations

Steve Kadin, PH.D. 805-546-3774. Addiction/Substance Abuse, Anger, Family Issues.

Michele Simone, LMFT. EMDR, trauma, PTSD, body-oriented.

Jessica Irving, LPCC, AT-R. 805-550-6184. Art Therapy and Counseling for children, teens, and adults.

Cheri Love, LMFT Individual and Couples Counseling

Scott Peterson, LMFT. Couples Counseling

Amy Strachan, MD, MPH, 805-400-5687. Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry

Ramona Friedman, Clinical Psychologist, Ph. D., San Luis Obispo Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Center (SLO CBT Center). 805-588-0592


Educational Support/Interventionist:

Sean Dornan. Central Coast Learning Center. 805-234-1908



Mental Health Programs and Treatment Centers


SLO Hotline: 800-783-0607

Transitions Mental Health San Luis Obispo. 805-540-6500

Cottage Outpatient Center of SLO. 805-541-9113

Cottage Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. 805-569-8339

Cottage Residential Center. 805-569-7442

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. 805-682-7111

Balance Treatment Center, San Luis Obispo: 855-414-8100. Residential Treatment Program, Intensive



Outpatient Program, Teen Program, and Testing Programs

SMWG’s (Sierra Mental Wellness Group) SLO Crisis Stabilization Unit. 805-788-2507

RISE. 855-886-7473. Crisis Intervention and Treatment Services for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, and their loved ones. Individual and Group Counseling offered.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do”
—Brene Brown
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